"Working with AVC, and specifically Jason Maas, has changed my perspective on how artists engage with the world and how we can creatively blur the boundaries between art and every day life to be inspired by both. AVC and the Engaging Artists Residency created many incredible dialogues and exchanges, giving us (the artists) access to homeless and formerly homeless community groups that we would have otherwise been unable to work with. Jason is extremely passionate, sincere, smart, kind, and hard working. He is absolutely devoted to this work, and interested in creating challenging conversations, pushing boundaries and finding innovative ways for artists to step outside of the comfort zones of their studio practices. After our EA residency was completed Jason mentored my collaborators and I through an additional grant (which we received!) so that we can keep working on a project with the homeless communities we connected with through AVC."

 -Anna Adler, Engaging Artists Resident


"Jason was an incredible mentor and visionary through the Engaging Artists residency. Before even meeting him, I was moved by the mission and structure of the program he devised -- one that combined art-making, community involvement and a collaborative learning environment. Once the program started, I felt supported and heard as he facilitated meetings and brought in community partners to share their work with us. We were all taking risks -- learning as we went -- and Jason was a part of this the whole way. It was incredible to see someone both lead and "learn through" a program for the first time. Since the residency concluded, I have continued to know Jason as someone who approaches projects and people with a combination of ambition and humility. It has been extremely rewarding to work with him, and to see him actively situate a studio practice with broader community work."

 -Julia Rooney, Engaging Artists Resident


 "I participated in the Engaging Artists Residency that Jason organized. Jason was full of heart and integrity. He was a sensitive and warm facilitator. He was down to earth and eager to both share his experiences and skills, and learn from the participants he brought together for the Engaging Artists workshops."

 -David Wallace, Engaging Artists Resident


"Opportunity to participate in the AVC Engaging Artists program as an emerging artist in New York City helped foster personal and professional growth, gaining knowledge for the various social institutions that make up the metropolitan environment.  Throughout the residency, Jason Maas compiled various thoughtful and thought-provoking seminars offering the participating group a greater perspective on social dialogue and issues as they persist in the city.  Jason is an organized and well-versed leader who often passed the torch to various artists and event speakers throughout the residency, to allow everyone a platform for inquiry and discussion.  In testimony of a successful experience while participating in the Engaging Artists residency, I can personally attest that the extent of my knowledge on subjects tackled during the program were fairly limited.  I credit experience gained from the AVC Engaging Artists residency as result of well-coordinated guest lectures and functionally sound, focused seminars.  The opportunity has invigorated my own artistic possibilities and facilitated tangible defining of art as part of a greater social practice."

 -Anthony Heinz May, Engaging Artists Resident


"Working with Jason and the Artist Volunteer Center was fantastic. Each meeting was filled with insightful, thought provoking speakers and presenters who provided us with different points of views on the topic of homelessness. I learned so much during the Engaging Artists Residency, but more importantly, I learned that there is so much more to know. The things I've learned during the residency continue to affect the work I make now, and I have a feeling they will continue to do so."

-Jamie Grove, Engaging Artists Resident


"Jason Maas was extremely supportive and enthusiastic throughout a very undefined, unknown process for me.  I was confronted with questions involving my social and ethical responsibilities as a volunteer and artist, as well as challenged to better understand how my role as a yoga instructor/somatic movement therapist can integrate with, and become more apart of, how I make art.  As a result of this program I not only learned a great deal about new communities, individuals, and art-making in the context of the socio-politic landscape of volunteerism and NYC policies and social services; and also gained two very valuable work-related opportunities. One being one of my favorite and most valuable part-time positions currently, as a Wellness Instructor at a community NYCHA-based center; and the other being an amazing collaborative project supported by More Art (as well new community of supportive, intelligent colleagues and relationships)."

 -Corinne Cappelletti, Engaging Artists Resident